KONOZ ”Fully automated gas station”.

Our current project is a fully automated stations without interrupting or disturbing the service

Alucobond (ACP) cladding

JOBOND includes ALUCOBOND® Fire & NON-Fire Rated, ALUCOBOND®A2 and ® aluminium composite materials and continues to be the trusted ACP cladding option for architects and builders.

Digital Screen

Versions: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 display fields or as single box solution. Exterior frame 1,500 mm wide and 300 mm deep, available in all RAL colors.


Products per compact price sign5
Product designation / materialfoil
Product designation / positionleft-justified
Product designation / illuminationSMD-LED
LED Backlighting
Service panel / illuminationLED Backlighting

Dimensions Compact Price Sign

  • Height with 5 products (mm) 1860.
  • Height with 4 products (mm) 1510.
  • Height with 5 products (mm) 1160.
  • Height with single product (mm) 460.
  • Width (mm) 1610.
  • Depth (mm) 254.

Automation gas station system

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