Konoz safety guideline  come from a detailed study  and serious accidents in our industry and are meant to draw attention to the activities most likely to lead to major or minor accidents ,  …. we all have one thing in common a duty to protect ourselves and our colleagues in the workplace …

  • High-Risk Situations

Do not start up or shut down equipment or installations without  using the appropriate, written operating procedure

  • Traffic

Do not exceed the speed limit

  • Body Mechanics and Tools

Do not carry out work if you do not have the right tools for  the job and the environment

  • Protective Equipment

Do not access installations or perform work without wearing  general or task-specific PPE

  • Lifting Operations

do not walk or stand under a load while lifting is taking place

  • Powered Systems

Do not perform work without checking that the power and  product supply has been rendered inoperative

  • Confined Spaces

Do not enter a confined space until isolation has been verified  and the atmosphere checked

  • Excavation Work

Do not perform excavation work without a valid work permit  comprising a map of all underground hazards

  • Work at Height

Do not work at height without a safety harness when there is  no collective protective equipment