The MaxPower blade is highly convenient as it is able to replace a variety of other blades used in mowers. Made of high-quality metal, this blade is sure to give you your money’s worth. There are three mowing methods used namely side discharge, mulching, and bagging.

The idea here is that you get a cleaner cut and finer mulching performance since there are two blades cutting into the grass clippings as they circulate under the deck. This design allows your mower to suck the grass upward to be cut, then the clippings are recycled around the deck to get chopped up even more. The middle part of the mulching blade, the weird bit, is designed to send the nutrient-rich, fine-cut clippings back to the ground where they can feed the soil. If you strongly feel that gas is the way to go, we recommend the Honda HRX217VKA Lawn Mower. As a result of our years of lawn mower evaluation, we’re sure that most people will be happiest with a self-propelled, electric cordless option.

​how How Often Should You Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blades? Does It Even Matter?

Designed for a cleaner cut with greater airflow, these standard straight blades push the cut grass back on the lawn or into a bag attached to the mower. The already sharpened blades are well-balanced to give a clean cut and mulch clippings and leaves. The holes on the lawn mower that attaches the blade, and the blade measurements, as well as the blade serial number, are important factors to consider when replacing mower blades.

best lawn mower blades

A dual-bevel design is featured here, which helps with the mulching process. One aspect to note here is that the blades are quite thin, and therefore, can be more susceptible to stone damages, but they will still hold up quite well against the grass. The installation can be a bit more difficult because it requires some adjustments, but it shouldn’t take too long. It comes at a low price tag, despite having a great build quality.

Best Lawn Mower Blades Buying Guide

If you’ve had your lawn mower for a long time or passed over a stone or root, a new lawn mower blade may be a necessary replacement. Given how affordable they are, it often makes sense to get a new blade rather than trying to resharpen an old one. It’s important to get the best lawn mower blades for you that will fit your machine and show excellent performance each time you use it.

If you’re a first timer, take your blades to yourlocal Ariens dealer​ and have them do it for you. ​Read through the different types of blades below to learn which you may ​​want and th​​ose which we wouldn’t recommend for a manicured yard. Mounting is usually at the center hole of the blade and can come in two different shapes. Since both of them are star-shaped, you might be tempted to overlook their importance. However, getting the wrong hole shape could make your blade useless.

How To Identify The Three Primary Cutting Blades

Compatible with most MTD models, the mulching blade is durable and easy to install. These are rider blades, and as such are shaped differently from most high lift mower blades or mulching blades. These lawn mower blades offer a high cutting power and a large cutting area for a fast, smooth cut, allowing you to trim a large lawn as efficiently as possible. As an official Honda lawn mower blade set, the Honda VH7 000 Blade Set is straightforwardly the best Honda lawn mower replacement blade option available on the market.

  • For homeowners and landscapers with zero-turn mowers, this blade set from 8TEN can be a terrific upgrade.
  • Honda has pre-sharpened the blades, so they are ready to work straight away.
  • If your lawn is level and has no tree roots or rocks, then this set of replacement lawn mower blades is a great choice.
  • This blade is specifically made to work with the Honda HRX 21-inch lawn mower.
  • Most gas mowers have steel or aluminum decks that dent on impact, but in the same situation, the Honda will only flex.
  • Different shapes of the blade can affect how the grass clippings left when you trim your lawn are expelled.
  • Typically, the thickness of a lawnmower blade ranges from .1 inches to .3 inches.
  • However, some handheld mowers do require multiple blade settings, though more often than not, they just need one single blade.
  • It has a 3-in-1 patented design that assists in mulching, better discharge, and bagging grass clippings.
  • The snipping action of a reel mower allows the grass to retain its natural moisture, thereby making it more resistant against insects and diseases.

The reels snip the grass off without any ripping or tearing, resulting in a well-trimmed, smooth lawn. You can hang it on a wall or tuck it in the corner of your garage. If you’re looking for a reel mower for your yard, here are our top recommendations. Read further for more in-depth information on choosing a reel mower as well. There are very few bad things about this blade and most customers are more than happy to use it and recommend to their friends.

Usa Mower Blades Aremade In Northwest Ohio

While it is important to make sure that your blades are well sharpened, it is also important to ensure that your blades are balanced. The reason behind this is because an unbalanced one can cause the engine to get stressed and as well as the cutting deck. Besides inspecting the blade, it would also be ideal to check the lawn for sticks, rocks and any other debris that can nick your blades, while mowing your lawn. Material – A good quality blade will cut effortlessly through grass growth and last a long time, so it’s worth paying the extra cost.

The Gator like teeth create turbulence that contributes to the grass being cut into fine particles. This creates the up-draft and contributes to the grass being circulated under the mower deck in the case of a mulching blade. This buying guide will help you to choose according to your need, hopefully now on you can make a good choice. Hence, let us not waste any further and start knowing about the blades, and let us start with the different shapes. Moreover, the five-point star hole will fit most shafts of mowers, a great facility as a replacement blade. Besides the beyond brands, you can also use this blade on other mowers having bars that fit a five-point star hole.

Adjusting the blades at a proper height depends on the length of your grass blades. With the 7-blade ball-bearing deck, this reel mower is perfect for cutting through grass with precision in a short amount of time. You can cover large areas in one single sweep without having to run the mower multiple times. The quality of the StaySharp Max reel mower blades allows you to cut grass for years without ever needing re-sharpening. Fiskars mower blades cut without any unwanted contact with the grass. This means there are no rips or tears, making for a smooth lawn-mowing experience.

Best Lawn Mower Reviews 2021 – Pro Tool Reviews

Best Lawn Mower Reviews 2021.

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The tools have a limited five-year warranty; the batteries have a separate, shorter warranty. The Ego outshines most gas mowers on storage, since it can be folded up and propped up on an end and rolled like a dolly. Once folded up, the whole thing is the size of a large suitcase, with multiple rails to grab. best lawn mower blades Although it’s a little over 50 pounds, it’s quite a bit lighter than, say, the Honda . We had no problem lifting it over large thresholds, hauling it up a couple of garage steps, or fitting it through a door. It feels light and easy to maneuver, especially for anyone accustomed to a gas mower’s bulk.

Best Mower For 5 Acres

Its exceptional design of cutting teeth increases the working efficiency and offers the most outstanding cutting of grass. The Greenworks mowers blade with a 16-inch size is only compatible with its model. However, its pre-sharpened edge, as well as higher working efficiency and consistent design, give this blade a perfect place in our list.

gator mulcher provides cleaner, more efficient cutting performance that can eliminate the need to bag, saving time and hassle. You should get a blade that can withstand the moisture without getting damaged by rust and getting jammed by the wet grass. Mowing wet grass is quite hectic and should really be done only when necessary.

It offers maximum performance with its two sets of blades, and cutting-edge design offers the most exceptional edge cutting. Although the Greenworks model of mower blades fits perfectly to a single model of the Greenworks, its pre-sharpened cutting edge offers maximum working efficiency. With the 20-inch size and one-inch smaller cutting-edge design, it proves to be a great mower blade for lawnmowers. If you feel like your lawn mower isn’t performing to its full potential, you can usually find a way to repair it rather than trading it in for a new one.

best lawn mower blades

One manufacturer claims on its website that its toothed mulching blade creates a better, finer mulch than conventional mulching blades. Medium lift blades are pretty big compared to smaller lift blades of any lawn mower equipment. There are ample amount of grass types and you would be able to look for suitable lift blades to perform the task effectively. Medium lift blades are suitable for both residential and commercial lawn owners, as it helps people to cut both short and long grass in an effective way.

Overall Blade Measurements:

If you are a lawn care professional and use a bench grinder this is a must have. The Ballard Razor Blades are your standard commercial mowing blade. These blades stay sharp for a long time and provide an amazing cut.

A low lift blade consumes less amount of power compared to high lift blade, as the work and the equipment power consumption is very less. Husqvarna is known for providing excellent mowing tools and requires no introduction. The blades have a contoured shape that allows you to re-cut the clippings into smaller pieces, reducing the need for bagging.


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