The Nintendo GameCube is a house computer game console launched by Nintendo in Japan on September 14, 2001, in The United States And Canada on November 18, 2001, and also in PAL territories in 2002. The GameCube was Nintendo’s access in the 6th generation of video game consoles and also is the follower to the Nintendo 64. The GameCube took on Sony’s PlayStation 2 and also Microsoft’s Xbox.

The GameCube is the initial Nintendo console to make use of optical discs as its primary storage medium. The discs remain in a miniDVD-based style, but the system was not created to play full-sized DVDs or audio CDs unlike its rivals, and also mostly concentrated on gaming instead. The console supports restricted online video gaming for a small number of video games via a GameCube broadband or modem adapter as well as can attach to a Game Young Boy Advance with a link cable television, which permits gamers to accessibility special in-game features using the portable as a 2nd screen and controller like a Wii U. This enabled gamers to access attributes like the Tingle Tuner in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, to name a few.

Reception of the GameCube was mixed. The console was applauded for its controller, considerable software collection and also high-grade games, yet was criticized for its outside style as well as absence of functions. Nintendo sold 21.74 million GameCube systems worldwide, much less than prepared for, before the console was ceased in 2007. Its follower, the Wii, was introduced in November 2006.

In 1997, a graphics hardware layout company called ArtX was introduced, staffed by twenty designers who had actually previously worked at SGI on the style of the Nintendo 64’s graphics equipment. The group was led by Dr. Wei Yen, who had been SGI’s head of Nintendo Procedures, the department in charge of the Nintendo 64’s fundamental architectural style.

Partnering with Nintendo in 1998, ArtX started the total design of the system reasoning as well as of the graphics cpu (codenamed “Fin”) [12] of Nintendo’s sixth-generation computer game console. The console project had a succession of codenames: N2000, Star Dice, and also Nintendo Advance. At Nintendo’s interview in May 1999, the console was first publicly introduced as “Task Dolphin”, the successor to the Nintendo 64. Ultimately, Nintendo started providing growth packages to video game designers such as Unusual and Retro Studios. Nintendo also formed a strategic collaboration with IBM, who developed the Dolphin’s CPU, named “Gekko”.

ArtX was acquired by ATI in April 2000, whereupon the Flipper graphics cpu style had already been primarily completed by ArtX and was not overtly influenced by ATI.In total, ArtX team cofounder Greg Buchner recalled that their portion of the console’s equipment style timeline had arced from creation in 1998 to conclusion in 2000. Of ATI’s procurement of ArtX, an ATI representative said, “ATI now becomes a major vendor to the video game console market via Nintendo. The Dolphin platform is considered to be king of capital in terms of graphics and video clip efficiency with 128-bit architecture.”

The console was introduced as the GameCube at an interview in Japan on August 25, 2000, abbreviated as “NGC” in Japan and “GCN” in North America.Nintendo unveiled its software program lineup for the sixth-generation console at E3 2001, focusing on fifteen launch games, including Luigi’s Manor and Celebrity Wars Rogue Armada II: Rogue Leader.Several games originally arranged to introduce with the console were delayed.It is likewise the initial Nintendo residence console considering that the Famicom not to accompany a Super Mario system video game at launch.

Long before the console’s launch, Nintendo had developed as well as patented an early prototype of movement controls for the GameCube, with which designer Aspect 5 had experimented for its launch games.A meeting priced estimate Greg Thomas, Sega of America’s VP of Growth as claiming, “What does worry me is Dolphin’s sensory controllers [which are reported to include microphones and headphone jacks] due to the fact that there’s an example of someone considering something different.” These movement control concepts would certainly not be deployed to consumers for numerous years, till the Wii Remote.

Before the GameCube’s release, Nintendo focused resources on the launch of the Video game Kid Breakthrough, a portable video game console and also successor to the original Video game Young boy as well as Video Game Boy Color. Because of this, several video games originally predestined for the Nintendo 64 console were postponed in favor of coming to be early releases on the GameCube. The last first-party game in 2001 for the Nintendo 64 was released in May, a month prior to the Game Boy Development’s launch as well as 6 months prior to the GameCube’s, highlighting the business’s shift in sources. Simultaneously, Nintendo was creating software application for the GameCube which would arrangement future connection in between it as well as the Video Game Kid Advance. Certain video games, such as The Legend of Zelda: 4 Swords Adventures as well as Last Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, can make use of the portable as a second screen as well as controller when connected to the console through a link cord.

Nintendo began its marketing project with the catch phrase “The Nintendo Distinction” at its E3 2001 expose. The goal was to differentiate itself from the competitors as an entertainment firm. Later ads have the slogan, “Birthed to Play”, and video game ads include a rotating cube computer animation that changes right into a GameCube logo design and also ends with a voice whispering, “GameCube”. On Might 21, 2001, the console’s launch rate of US$ 199 was announced, US$ 100 lower than that of the PlayStation 2 and also Xbox.

In September 2020, leaked papers include Nintendo’s prepare for GameCube model that is both portable with a built-in display screen as well as dockable to a TV.Other leaks suggest prepare for a GameCube successor, codenamed “Tako”, with HD graphics and slots for SD and sd card, evidently resulting from a partnership with ATI (now AMD) as well as set up for release in 2005.
The GameCube was released in Japan on September 14, 2001. About 500,000 systems were shipped in time to retailers.The console was set up to launch 2 months later on in The United States and Canada on November 5, 2001, but the day was pushed back in an effort to raise the number of offered systems. The console eventually released in North America on November 18, 2001, with over 700,000 units shipped to the region.Other areas followed suit the following year starting with Europe in the second quarter of 2002.

On April 22, 2002, expert 3rd party Nintendo console developer Factor 5 introduced its 3D audio software program advancement kit titled MusyX. In cooperation with Dolby Laboratories, MusyX supplies motion-based border audio encoded as Dolby Pro Logic II.

The Triforce arcade board is a joint growth between Nintendo, Namco, and also Sega, based upon the Gamecube’s style. Its games include Mario Kart Game General Practitioner and F-Zero AX.

In February 2007, Nintendo announced that it had stopped first-party assistance for the GameCube which the console had been discontinued, as it was shifting its manufacturing as well as growth initiatives towards the Wii and also Nintendo DS.

Further information: GameCube technical specs
Howard Cheng, technical supervisor of Nintendo innovation development, stated the company’s goal was to select a “basic RISC design” to aid speed the development of games by making it simpler on software developers. IGN reported that the system was “designed from the beginning to draw in third-party designers by offering even more power at a more affordable rate. Nintendo’s style doc for the console specifies that cost is of utmost importance, complied with by space.” Equipment companion ArtX’s Vice Head of state Greg Buchner mentioned that their leading believed on the console’s hardware style was to target the developers rather than the gamers, and also to “check out a crystal ball” and determine “what’s going to permit the Miyamoto-sans of the globe to develop the best video games”.

We thought of the programmers as our main consumers. In particular, for, we invested three years dealing with Nintendo of America and with all kind of designers, attempting to understand the difficulties, demands, and issues they encounter. First among these is the rising cost of advancement. The GameCube can see high performance without way too much problem; it isn’t an eccentric layout, but a spick-and-span one. It was very important we didn’t need leaping via hoops for high performance to be attained. On top of that, it is rich in attributes, as well as we functioned to consist of a desire team of technological features that programmers requested.

Greg Buchner, ArtX’s Vice President
Starting the GameCube’s design in 1998, Nintendo partnered with ArtX (then gotten by ATI Technologies throughout advancement) for the system reasoning and also the GPU, and also with IBM for the CPU. IBM designed a PowerPC-based cpu with custom architectural expansions for the next-generation console, referred to as Gekko, which runs at 486 MHz as well as features a floating point system (FPU) efficient in a total throughput of 1.9 GFLOPS and also a height of 10.5 GFLOPS.Described as “an extension of the IBM PowerPC style”, the Gekko CPU is based upon the PowerPC 750CXe with IBM’s 0.18 μm CMOS technology, which features copper interconnects.Codenamed “Fin”, the GPU runs at 162 MHz and, in addition to graphics, handles various other tasks through its sound as well as input/output (I/O) processors.

The GameCube presented a proprietary miniDVD optical disk format as the storage tool for the console, efficient in accumulating to 1.5 GB of data.The innovation was designed by Matsushita Electric Industrial (currently Panasonic Company) which makes use of an exclusive copy-protection plan– various from the Content Scramble System (CSS) located in conventional DVDs– to prevent unauthorized reproduction.The Famicom Information Recorder, Famicom Disk System, SNES-CD, and also 64DD represent expeditions of complementary storage space technologies, but the GameCube is Nintendo’s very first console to not utilize mostly cartridge-based media.The GameCube’s 1.5 GB mini-disc have adequate space for a lot of games, although a couple of games require an additional disc, higher video compression, or elimination of material existing in versions on other gaming consoles. Comparative, the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, also sixth-generation gaming consoles, both usage CDs and also DVDs with sizes of as much as 8.5 GB.

Like its predecessor, the Nintendo 64, GameCube versions were generated in numerous various color themes. The system introduced in “Indigo”, the primary color displayed in marketing and on the logo, as well as in “Jet Black”. A year later, Nintendo released a “Platinum” limited-edition GameCube, which utilizes a silver color design for both the console and controller. A “Spice” orange-colored console was eventually released too just in Japan, though the color scheme could be located on controllers released in various other countries.

Nintendo developed stereoscopic 3D modern technology for the GameCube, as well as one launch game, Luigi’s Estate, sustains it. Nevertheless, the function was never made it possible for outside of advancement. 3D televisions were not prevalent at the time, as well as it was considered that compatible display screens and also crystals for the add-on accessories would be too cost-prohibitive for the consumer.Another unofficial attribute are two audio Easter eggs that can be invoked when the console is activated. When the power is turned on with the “Z” switch on the Gamer 1 controller held back, an extra wayward startup audio is listened to in place of the typical one. With 4 controllers attached, holding back the “Z” button on all 4 all at once creates a kabuki-style song at start-up.


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