About Us

Our Story - The Foundation

A leader in the signage and custom branding production sector, Konoz Signs was founded in 1989 by visionaries Mr. Ahmad Samhan and Mr. Ismail Nababteh with the aim of elevating the quality of the industry and creating products and services that would help catapult their clients to success. 

From their vision and passion the company’s philosophy was born:  to better understand the needs of our clients and provide them with creative and all-encompassing services and products that exceed their expectations. 

As today’s marketing and commercialization world is booming, we strive to keep our resources updated, ensuring our clients’ usage of branding tools is creating the desirable impact on their selected target. 

Our Growth & Expansion

Since establishment, Konoz Signs has been working on developing our techniques, materials, machinery and team. Our services and products vary from sign design, fabrication, printing, cladding, commercial furniture and décor, to producing all types of 3D models. 


Proudly operating in Jordan we are known as innovative indoor and outdoor branding and marketing solutions providers. In 2018 we expanded our growth and success in KSA. Today, we have solid business relationships with our partners and a strong company portfolio, creating fully automated, state-of-the-art gas stations servicing people in two countries with plans to enter new markets in the near future. 


To expand our sources of supplying raw materials we opened JO-BOND a provider specialized in metal sheet – Alcobond with high specifics, different colors and sizes. it includes ALUCOBOND® Fire & NON-Fire Rated, ALUCOBOND®A2 and aluminum composite materials that continues to be the trusted ACP cladding option for architects and contractors. 


We are also one of the preferred partners of PWM Gmbh & Co. in Jordan and the Middle East. We are the authorized seller of PWM electronic price signs and a range of products including accessories and spare parts.

With our strong network of business partners around the world, our continuous growth knows no limits.

Our Vision

To mark our name as the leader in the sign and branding sector celebrated for our work, passion, creativity and customer loyalty.

Our Mission

To excel in our work, exceed our clients’ expectations and achieve outstanding results with the most effective methods and high-quality branding solutions that cover a wide spectrum of audiences.

Our Services

Konoz Signs is a leading production house that utilizes the most state-of-the-art design and fabrication practices to create new ideas in branding, physical advertising production and sign solutions. 

The company also boasts several brands including JOBOND as supplier, holds many business partnerships like PMW, in addition to the finest equipment, technology, resources and above all talented people.  

We are known for our vast and varied list of products and services and we use different materials in our fabrications such as alcobond metal sheet, acrylic, lexan sheet, wood, flex, vinyl, foam board, PVC and more, printing in high quality resolution and different roll sizes.